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Everyday thoughts, caught on blog. Meg. 22. English. In a relationship. I like what i like, Always follow back, Upload my own pictures, and reblog what fits my mood. I reblog different things everyday and i don't have a fandom. I will blog alot of Disney though because that is my homeand i can't wait to go home in July 2013.
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Please check out my new photopraphy side blog!



Just starting out but would really appriciate some feedback, Its mostly dogs at the moment though!

Please please check it out or reblog this to spread the word.

Thanks :)

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I got a new blog

its a disney one, I’ll swing by on here occasionally but the disney one is my new main fandom one :)

Its here!

Blog soon <3

Hope to see some of you over there!



DAY 24: Favorite Festival.

I haven’t been to many of the wonderful festivals that WDW offers but I have been lucky enough to go to Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween party a couple of times and I absolutely love it! I love going around to all of the different candy spots, being able to ride the rides at night, LOVE THE PARADE AND FIREWORKS!!!!!, the cast members, etc. Every single little thing that Disney does for this event, is amazing. In my opinion, it’s worth the time and money. It’s amazing.

I went to this for my 18th Birthday and i waited 2 hours to meet Jack and Sally from A nightmare before christmas. I lent my pen to Jack before it was my turn as his had died and the person he was with didnt have one, I said he could keep it for a while. He said i was so lovely and polite. I told him it was my birthday and i got an extra long hug, and he did me a special autograph :3 Best festival ever!

my feelings about hercules’s face character






Honey you mean HUNKULES



don’t post anything for 4 hours. Gain 5 followers. 

Start posting again. Lose 3 followers

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